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SRAK (Slimline Rack)

srak with shelves resizedSRAK - is a slimline 19" rack.
Wall mounted and available in 3U, 6U, 12U, and 18U sizes yet is only 150mm deep.
It can also be stacked and takes standard 19" panels.

SRAK was developed for situations where space is an issue, or a full blown 19" rack is just too much. Custom installers have also spotted it's use for larger installations where cables are terminated at the wall, and the large 19" rack is built and tested off site, and just rolled in and patched across once the owners are ready to move in.

There are some optional extras such as:-
SRAK 300mm deep shelves specifically designed to fit the rack and protrude to the front. They have mounting options with regard to depth of fixing and can act as a tray or a shelf
SRAK Brackets which are attached with standard cage nuts to the panel fixing locations and therefore allows AV or LAN equipment to be mounted vertically within the system.

For information on our 19" panel range click here

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Picture Part number Product Description




srak 18u SRAK-18U

SRAK - Slimline Rack - 18U

Width = 512mm
Height = 865mm
Depth = 150mm



 srak 12u SRAK-12U

SRAK - Slimline Rack - 12U

Width = 512mm
Height = 600mm
Depth = 150mm



srak 6u SRAK-6U

SRAK - Slimline Rack 6U

Width = 512mm
Height = 330mm
Depth = 150mm



 srak 3u  SRAK-3U

 SRAK - Slimline Rack - 3U

Width = 512mm
Height = 200mm
Depth = 150mm



 srak shelf  SRAK-SHELF

 SRAK - Slimline Rack - Shelf

Height = 1U
Width = 430mm
Depth = 300mm



 srak bracket SRAK-BRKT

SRAK - Slimline Rack - Brackets



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