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CRIS Compact Residential Infrastructure System

cris installCRIS is a unique home cabling system from ACA-Apex Ltd.

With more and more people working from home, TV's in many rooms, children having access to Internet services in their rooms, multiple phone lines or ISDN services, supermarket shopping on-line, CCTV to see who's at the door or to watch the baby sleeping, CRIS is designed to integrate phone, computer and TV requirements into a single system.

The neat and stylish flush mounted enclosure fits well with the modern home and is mounted within a stud type wall located in the hall / entrance lobby or convenient place out of the way of main rooms, or cluttered cupboards under the stairs etc. The enclosures can be surface mounted and our surface mount kit is a simple MDF surround which can be provided on request, alternatively a false wall can be built so that the cables remain hidden.

The unique scalability of the CRIS system is due to the mounting plate options.
Which enable systems to be designed to suit the requirements of any sized home.

A major benefit of using the CRIS system is the modular building block approach with many patch panel options, including on top of the normal RJ45 cable system, Voice Bus, F type, RCA, Speaker post, hybrid configurations etc.

The unique low profile TV distribution amplifiers can be fitted behind the mounting plate of the CRIS system where it is cabled using coax cable to the room wall plates.
The range also includes extender amps IR control products.

Click on the pictures directly below to be directed to a dedicated page for each of the CRIS components, or browse the entire list of products at the bottom of this page, which shows a picture, the part number a description and the price including VAT in the following order:-

  • Enclosures and surface mount kits
  • Mounting plates
  • Panel options - 12 way size
  • Panel options - 8 way size
  • Other
  • TV distribution

 Below is a complete list of all CRIS products by category









Please note that ACA-Apex Ltd protects all of its products by design right, patent or copyright as a matter of course during their development and they can only be copied by grant of licence from ourselves. If this is an area of interest to you please don't hesitate to contact us.