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Telephone and Computer Modules

telephone and computer module group pictureOur standard range of telephone and computer modules, accessories and plates are listed below with pictures, part numbers descriptions and prices including VAT.


Picture Part Number Product Description




 25 x 50 rj45 module FPMI-RJ45-UI-WH RJ45 Modular Insert (UTP)
White 50mm x 25mm Plastic



 25 x 50 rj45 module black FPMI-RJ45-UI-BK RJ45 Modular Insert (UTP)
Black 50mm x 25mm Plastic



 50 x 50 triple rj45 white FPMI-3XRJ45-WH Triple RJ45 Modular Insert (UTP)
White 50mm x 50mm Plastic



 secondary voice adapter FPMI-VASC-00 Voice Adapter - Secondary



 nte5 NTE5-MASTER Master NTE5 Unit



 adsl filter NTE5-ADSL NTE5 ADSL Filter Front Module









Please note that ACA-Apex Ltd protects all of its products by design right, patent or copyright as a matter of course during their development and they can only be copied by grant of licence from ourselves. If this is an area of interest to you please don't hesitate to contact us.