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Other 19" Rack Solutions

  19 inch Rack - Cupboard Side Rails    19 inch Rack - Pull Out and Turn Rack - In Cupboard      19 inch Rack - Pull Out and Turn Rack - Extended     19 inch Rack - Pull Out and Turn Rack - Turned     standalone rack front view cropped and resized  

Recent additions to the ACA-Apex Rack range as shown above include:

The first picutre is of our innovative side rails for directly mounting in a 600mm cupboard carcass, thereby creating a very effective, discreet and affordable 19" inch rack.

The second to fourth picture show our update on the pull out and turn in cupboard rack, again fitting neatly into a 600mm cupboard, but this time mounted on the base with brackets to the side of the cupboard, yet extendable and able to pivot to allow easy access to the rear.

The fifith picutre shows a sturdy free standing 19 inch rack with a relatively small footprint, available with adjustable feet or heavy duty castors.

Please see below for further details.

Other 19" Rack Options


Part Number Product Description




 19 inch Rack - Cupboard Side Rails


 Cupboard 19" Rack Side Panels - 12U

 An innovative solution to create a neat and tidy yet very affordable alternative to a 19" Rack

Consisting of side rails with spacers, to fit into standard 600mm cupboard carcasses.

Please note fixing screws are not supplied



 19 inch Rack - Pull Out and Turn Rack - Extended


 19 inch Pull Out Rack - 12U

Specifically designed to fit into a kitchen cupboard base unit the Pull Out Rack is another neat and tidy solution which allows full access to the rear of the rack

 The example shown here is 12U but this item is made to order and the height can be varied.

The rack element dimensions are:

490mm W 367mm D and 607mm diagonal

The actual base unit with the pull out mechanism is 470mm deep and 60mm high to the bottom of the body of the turning part of the Rack.

When fully extended the front of the rack is 1000mm from the rear of the cupboard

A removable front panel holds everything rigid and locks the system in place.




 standalone rack front view cropped and resized



Free Standing Rack

Available in any size as made to suit, standard sizes available as follows:

Size      Price Exc.VAT    Inc.VAT

 6U     -     £105.60     (£126.72)
 9U     -     £112.20     (£134.64)
12U    -     £118.80     (£142.56)
15U    -     £127.60     (£153.12)
18U    -     £137.50     (£165.00)
21U    -     £146.30     (£175.56)
24U    -     £156.20     (£187.44)
27U    -     £165.00     (£198.00)
30U    -     £173.80     (£208.56)
33U    -     £185.90     (£223.08)
36U    -     £194.70     (£233.64)
39U    -     £204.60     (£245.52)
42U    -     £211.20     (£253.44)

Accessories will be required such as
Adjustable feet  £9.63     (£11.56)
Heavy duty castors  £18.43      (£22.12)

Prices start from 



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