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Tools and Connectors

tools group pictureACA-Apex have a range of cable termination and cutting tools, connectors and connectors group picturetesting equipment.

If you have a requirement for anything that isn't listed below just let as know and if we don't already have any in stock we will try to source it for you.

 For pricing and further pictures see below.


Picture Part Number Product Description




 phoenix headers CON-PHNX-HEAD Phoenix Connector Headers



 tester voice n data TL-VDV-TEST Voice/Data/Video Tester



 micro cutter TL-CUTTER Micro Cutter



 cat 5 n 6 cable stripper TL-CAT56 Cat5e or Cat 6 Cable Stripper



cyclops cable stripper TL-CYCLOPS Cyclops Cable Stripper



 punch down tool TL-PUNCHDOWN Krone Punch Down Tool



 crimping tool TL-RJ45-CRIMP RJ45 Crimp Tool



 bt plug crimper TL-BTLJU-CRIMP BT LJU Crimp Tool



 coax cable stripper TL-COAX-STRPR Coax Cable Stripper



 compression tool TL-COMP Termination Tool for Compression F type Connectors



 t bar TL-TBAR T Bar Tool for F Connector



 f screw cover CON-FCON-SO F Type Connector - Metal Screw On



 plastic f push on boot CON-FCON-00 F Type Connector - Plastic Boot



 f male compression connector CON-FMALE-COMP F Male Compression Connector



 f connector CON-FCONN-FF F Type Through Coupler with Nut Female to Female



 f female to tv coax female CON-FF-TVF F Type Female to TV Female



 f femal to tv male CON-FF-TVM F Type Female to TV Male



 f type to phono CON-FR-RCAM F Type Socket to Phono Connector



 bnc male solderless CON-FF-BNCM F Type Socket to BNC Male Connector Solderless