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Audio Distribution, Speakers and Infrared

simpleseWhen it comes to audio systems and speakers there are plenty of options and we havespeaker ct165 no cover relationships with various companies in order to provide our customers with choice and quality.

 In the main we find that the Nuvo Simplese system is a very popular music distribution system as it is of good quality, reliable and affordable and is therefore the one that we actively promote and include in our website.

The speaker range that we actively promote is the Monitor Audio Trimless range.

However if you are looking for a different solution please contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

We also have a good quality Infrared remote control offering.

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Audio Distribution

To see a separate page on our recommended audio distribution system please click on the picture below.


To see a separate page on our recommended speaker range please click on the picture below.speaker ct165

Infrared Control

To see a separate page on our Infrared Control range please click on the picture below.ceir group shot

If you have a requirement for other makes of audio distribution or speakers please contact us as we have a relationship with various suppliers and can probably help to source your chosen solution.