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Latest Innovations

light bulbACA-Apex are continually designing and developing new products for the home networking market, and are quite often the first to bring an innovative idea to the mainstream.
Examples include solderless termination 5.1, 7.1 and 2.1 surround sound plates, brush face plates, brush adapter plates, brush snap in modules, slimline 19" rack solutions, various 19" panels, media conduit kit, flat packed back boxes and much more.

Each new product will be added to this page and kept on it for a period of time as well as being incorporated into the main body of the website, so it is worth refreshing this page every now and again to see what we have been up to.

A lot of our new products come about as a direct result of a customers installation issue which we resolve and then develop the idea further to produce a solution for the residential network.
Which is why we so readily take on bespoke work, if you feel that you have something of this nature please don't hesitate to contact us.

 For pictures, part numbers, descriptions and pricing of our latest innovations see below.


Part Number Product Description




 19 inch Rack - Cupboard Side Rails


 Cupboard 19" Rack Side Panels - 12U

 An innovative solution to create a neat and tidy yet very affordable alternative to a 19" Rack

Consisting of side rails with spacers, to fit into standard 600mm cupboard carcasses.

Please note fixing screws are not supplied



 19 inch Rack - Pull Out and Turn Rack - Extended


 19 inch Pull Out Rack - 12U

Specifically designed to fit into a kitchen cupboard base unit the Pull Out Rack is another neat and tidy solution which allows full access to the rear of the rack

 The example shown here is 12U but this item is made to order and the height can be varied.

The rack element dimensions are:

490mm W 367mm D and 607mm diagonal

The actual base unit with the pull out mechanism is 470mm deep and 60mm high to the bottom of the body of the turning part of the Rack.

When fully extended the front of the rack is 1000mm from the rear of the cupboard

A removable front panel holds everything rigid and locks the system in place.



 standalone rack front view cropped and resized


where XX = a range from 6U to 42U

Free Standing Rack

This is a sturdy free standing 19" rack with a relatively small foot print.

It is made to order, so can be any height required, from 6U to 42U and more provided weight limitations are considered.

There are two options for feet which are supplied separately, they can be adjustable feet or heavy duty castors, that have a brake mechanism. 

The rack shown is with cage nut panel fixings, but it is also available with threaded rails, the threaded rail version is a little more expensive and can be quoted for on request.

Dimensions are 490mm wide and 493mm deep with height ranging from 350mm (excluding feet) for the 6U version and 1950mm (excluding feet) for the 42U version.

The adjustable feet add 35-45mm height.

The heavy duty castors add 80mm height.

The weight limit when using the castors is 150kg

Starting from



for a 6U rack to



for a 42U rack







 power reboot switch panel side  view croppedpower reboot switch panel showing plug and socket



 19" Panel - 1 Way Reboot Unit

Ever had problems rebooting your sky box and other equipment?

This switch panel takes the accessibility problem away.

It is a simple but effective solution for allowing the easy reboot of a piece of equipment housed in a rack, saving pulling everything out and disturbing the cabling.





 8 way power reboot panel cropped and resized

8 way reboot rear angle shot cropped


 19" Panel - 8 Way Reboot

An ideal solution when you have lots of equipment in your rack and don't want to pull everything out to do a reboot.

It is a solid panel that can double up as a shelf, and the depth is adjustable, the sockets are held neatly at the rear and the switching at the front.



Please note that ACA-Apex Ltd protects all of its products by design right, patent or copyright as a matter of course during their development and they can only be copied by grant of licence from ourselves. If this is an area of interest to you please don't hesitate to contact us.