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FREE CRIS Design Service

ACA-Apex recognize that customers have an idea of what they want, but can sometimes find it difficult to turn this into a bill of materials.

To ease this burden we provide a no obligation CRIS design service.

 To take advantage of the CRIS design service just email (in pdf) or post a set of plans for the new build or refurbishment, with a description of what you are trying to achieve and we will email you back with a schematic showing the central CRIS enclosure and what items are required including types and numbers of cables, together with a listing of component parts and a quote for the materials.

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There is absolutely no obligation on the customers part for this service, and the reason we offer it is because  experience has shown us that after a couple of telephone consultations and minor amendments to the schematic to really establish what is wanted, most customers like the solution, and the price for both the hardware and the services of our installation partners, and very soon elect for our system.