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About Us

Company Profile

ACA-Apex Limited was formed in 2000 and is a design and manufacturing company working to produce innovative cable infrastructure products and solutions for the residential network and audio visual industry. While the majority of the industry manufacturers are busy following each other, ACA-Apex is continually developing products to suit the needs of the intelligent home, focusing on ease of use and affordability.

With a broad customer base ranging from the self builder or renovator, builders and developers, custom installers, to retailers and wholesalers the company always strives to provide a personal service, and where help is needed it is always there to offer advice and support and even produce custom solutions.

As an example the company provides a Free CRIS Design Service for the self builder or renovator, which helps to take the headache away of knowing what you want to achieve but not knowing how to get there. Based on a copy of your floor plans the company produces a schematic and bill of materials, and is always on hand with help and advice in respect of the design and products supplied. For more information on this service see the Design Service section.

Ever the innovators, the product range is continually being expanded and the company has been the first to bring many products to the market such as solderless termination on audio and line output modules, brush face plates, and much more. Our latest product launches are detailed on a specific page within this website, so if you want to keep an eye on what's new see the Latest Innovations page.

All of our products are designed with futureproofing in mind which is why our home networking systems are completely scaleable and can be adapted to accomodate changes in connectivity requirements as technology dictates. As an example panels with phoenix connectors were added to the 19" panel and CRIS range as an alternative to the existing solderless termination panels with binding post connectors for speakers.

Another area that the company excels in is the provision of a custom service to help clients get over a specific installation problem or requirement, it is normally this service that ends up with a new product being launched, recent examples include where we produced a 5.1 surround plate with solderless termination on the rear on a single gang faceplate - these normally only come in double gang size but the electrician had only installed a single gang back box. Another example is the 19" 3U high panels that have UK or US faceplate apertures, which means that kit normally mounted in a wall can now be mounted within a 19" rack.

Below you will find a brief summary of the range of products offered by the company but if you would like to discuss your needs please don't hesitate to call or email us, you will find our contact details at the top of each page within this website or you can use the email link at the top ot this page or on the Contact Us page.

Product Ranges

CRIS (Compact Residential Infrastructure System)

about us crisCRIS is the main home cabling system from ACA-Apex Ltd. With more and more people working from home, TV's in many rooms, children having access to Internet services in their rooms, multiple phone lines or broadband services, interactive smart TV or CCTV to see who's at the door or to watch the baby sleeping, CRIS is designed to integrate phone, computer and TV requirements into a single system. There is also the capability to network your audio system in the same enclosure. Completely scaleable to suit any property size the system is a brilliant solution that embraces the rapid progress we are seeing in technology and brings it to the modern home. Click here or on the picture for more details.

SRAK (Slimline Rack Solutions)

about us srakSRAK short for Slimline RAcK is a shallow wall mounted 19" Rack which is stackable and comes in a range of U sizes yet is only 150mm deep. A 300mm shelf has been developed to fit into SRAK to house DVD players, Amps etc. The range is becoming extremely popular for when a full 19" rack either won't fit or is too large for the installation. It is also ideal for terminating cables to during a larger development where a full rack could be developed and tested off site and simply patched across at a later stage in the development. Click here or on the picture for more details.


19" Rack Panels

about us 19 inch

ACA-Apex have a comprehensive range of 19 inch rack panels, including patch panels, banana panels, flat banana panels, f type panels, RCA panels, phoenix connector panels, 2U and 4U rececessed panels. brush panels, blank panels, keystone jack panels, 3U panels with UK or US faceplate apertures, cable manager panels etc and the range is continually being added to as demand from customers dictates. Click here or on the picture for more details.




about us brushplatesThe range started with the brush faceplates where the brushes are permanently attached to the face plate, and was rapidly expanded to include the brush adapter plate which allows for most makes of plastic faceplate to be used and for snap in modules to be subsequently installed, and the latest innovation is the brush snap in module which can be used in most makes of euormod faceplate. We can fit a version of the adapter plate to metal faceplates, and have a custom service available. Brush Plates are an ideal solution for running cables with no additional termination required, which in turn prevents data loss, very popular with installers for running HDMI cables. Click here or on the picture for more details.


about us media conduit kitA popular solution for hiding the wires from links to wall mounted TV's to the equipment below or elsewhere. Using a flexible conduit linking with our design patented flat packed 48mm in wall back boxes without any special glands or locking nuts.  The conduit also has a draw wire pre installed, as well as low friction inside walls so that cables can easily pass through. Click here or on the picture for more details.




about us flat packed backboxesUK single and double gang, or US single, double and triple sized back boxes are flat packed, yet extremely easy to knock together for installation. The UK back boxes are also oversized by 5mm all around so that US products can be mounted behind standard UK faceplates. The back boxes come in 67mm deep or 48mm deep sizes and being flat packed are a neat space saving patented idea for people holding stock. Click here or on the picture for more details.



about us modules ACA-Apex Ltd manufactures or resells a full range of modules for terminating TV; telephone; audio and computers,  using standard Euromod sized snap in modules, other makes can be adapted on request. Ever the innovator the company has been the first to bring products to the market in many instances. Examples include being the first to introduce solderless termination on the rear of modules, surround sound plates, an architrave plate with a snap in module aperture, and more. Click here or on the picture for more details.



To complement it's range of products, in addition to manufacturing most of the above, ACA-Apex have forged reselling relationships with various third parties to enhance it's offering and therefore be able to meet the total requirements for the installation of a complete home network sytem. This includes speakers, cable, outlets, faceplates and more.



about us designWith a vast array of choices to be made when including home networking in a new build or full refurbishment, ACA-Apex like to take the complexity away by providing a no obligation design service. Based on customer requirements a system schematic is drawn up with a list of product requirements and related costing. This has proven to be a very popular service with our visitors to the Homebuilding & Renovating show and other exhibitions each year. Click here or on the picture for more details.




Please note that ACA-Apex Ltd protects all of its products by design right, patent or copyright as a matter of course during their development and they can only be copied by grant of licence from ourselves. If this is an area of interest to you please don't hesitate to contact us.