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Home Network Design Solutions and Infrastructure Systems from ACA-Apex

Welcome to the main ACA-Apex Ltd website, here you can find some of the latest and most innovative products in home network design solutions and infrastructure systems.

Are you looking for:-

  • TV/CCTV distribution
  • Computer/telephone networking
  • Music distribution and control
  • Infrared remote control
  • Mood lighting/lighting control
  • AV racking & 19" panels
  • Outlet modules, cabling, tools and accessories
  • Brush plates

Then you have come to the right place for unrivalled cost effective home network design solutions that are both attractive and affordable.


CRIS Pro and SRAK enclosures

ACA-Apex Limited is a design and manufacturing company dedicated to producing innovative network solutions for the home and small office market, whose enclosure and panel range includes the unique SRAK, CRIS, and CRIS Professional.

Added to the manufacturing side ACA-Apex has sourced a number of high quality products from around the world to complement and complete its offering including speakers, audio systems, lighting and automation products, infrared systems and TV mounts.

ACA-Apex has been the first to bring many products to the market such as our renowned range of brush plates, and is continually expanding it's range to embrace changes in technology or satisfy an obvious need in the market.

We believe that we are in partnership with our customers who range from the self build or renovator, to builders, developers and custom installers, and we have a very hands on approach to help with projects.

Our FREE CRIS Network Design Service has been greatly appreciated by self builders as it takes away the headache of knowing what is needed to achieve the end goal.

Our by-line is "Better by Innovation" because of the unique products that we bring to the market and we are passionate about our custom (bespoke) service where we help our customers to find solutions to particular installation issues, and these solutions inevitably end up with new products being launched.

For more information about our home network design solutions and infrastructure systems, please call 01525 37 99 33.


Please note that ACA-Apex Ltd protects all of its products by design right, patent or copyright as a matter of course during their development and they can only be copied by grant of licence from ourselves. If this is an area of interest to you please don't hesitate to contact us.

Monday, June 21, 2021